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Interested in becoming an active and important part of the St. Patrick school family? We must all work together for the good of our children. Volunteers serve to enhance the school’s ability to provide for the students’ development and to benefit the school. They serve in a variety of capacities.

Generosity with your time and talent contributes to the spirit of St. Patrick School. Please give this some thought and prayer.

We take the safety of our students (and your children) very seriously.  All adults who will be working with students must attend a Protecting God’s Children session.

Some of the ways you can be positively involved in your child’s education are listed below.

  1. Mentors & Tutors: Students benefit greatly from the personalized attention of a mentor or tutor. We welcome adults who would like to work with students on class assignments.
  2. Special Expertise: If you have a talent or an area of expertise you can share with us, please do! We could use volunteer assistance in: landscaping, minor plastering work, computer networking, painting, nutrition, sports, woodworking, and many other areas.
  3. Enrichment Instructors: A series of after-school educational offerings and activities are available to students. Do you have an interest or hobby that you could share with students for an hour or so a week?
  4. Grant-Writing Expertise: Do you have expertise writing grants to fund small and large projects? Could you volunteer to help write or proofread grant applications for school programs? We really could use your help!
  5. Athletic Committee: A committee to plan and staff sports events.
  6. Driver for field trips: Must have a valid drivers license and proof of insurance.
  7. Santa’s Secret Shop: Holiday shopping opportunity for students – planning, set-up and staffing
  8. Soup Labels: Save labels and sort them
  9. Parent Teacher Organization: This committee coordinates volunteer projects
  10. Room Parents: Plan Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Parties and assist teachers as needed
  11. Special Days: Help plan and staff special events, such as: Teacher’s Appreciation Luncheon, Parish Breakfast, Nutrition Buffet, Catholic Schools’ Week, Black History Month, etc.
  12. Teacher Helpers: Assist teachers with tutoring
  13. Other: There are many things you can help with that do not appear on this list. Sometimes we need someone to fill in a gap. If you have some free time, check with the office or your child’s teacher.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you’re interested in volunteering at St. Patrick and making a positive impact on your child’s education please let your child’s teacher know or contact the principal at 523-7670.

St. Patrick Catholic School

1800 South Grand Avenue East
Springfield, IL 62703

Phone: (217) 523-7670


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