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Educational Goals

  • Students will be provided a foundation in the knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith for life-long spiritual growth.
  • Students will develop a strong knowledge base, enabling and preparing them to strive for academic excellence.
  • Students will be provided an atmosphere conducive to the development of a realistic and positive self-image, enabling them to draw on their God-given strengths.



St. Patrick Catholic School is accredited through the Illinois State Board of Education and the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

To achieve the mission and goals of St. Patrick Catholic School, the Principal, Staff, Board of Directors and Parents/Guardians will be accountable for seeing the students take advantage of the school community. To achieve the mission of our school, the following interdisciplinary learning outcomes will be pursued. Students will:

  • Practice Christian values in a Catholic atmosphere.
  • Show respect for individual differences in order to grow together as a community.
  • Demonstrate excellent Reading and Language Arts skills, with every child learning to read well and on grade level by the end of the third grade.
  • Demonstrate essential math skills necessary to meet the evolving demands of society.
  • Relate knowledge of the natural sciences to appreciate and preserve God’s creation.
  • Utilize current technology and information resources to become informed individuals.
  • Apply critical thinking skills needed for problem solving.
  • Exhibit knowledge of the various art forms in order to promote an appreciation of the fine arts.
  • Demonstrate physical skills and development appropriate for a healthy learning environment.

St. Patrick Catholic School

1800 South Grand Avenue East
Springfield, IL 62703

Phone: (217) 523-7670


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